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The problem I have with some awesome MCs...

Not all of them, btw, but they seem to follow this formula:

1. Have a ridiculously sob backstory.
2. Ditch your moral values and become like the honey badger who doesn't give a crap.
3. Ditch your friends, because they can't help you, and could even be an obstacle to you.
4. Go on a quest for UNLIMITED POWER!
5. Become so overpowered that not even the final villain can TOUCH YOU.
6. If the final villain somehow overpowers you, know that the Deus Ex Machina is still out there to save you, if you're lucky.
7. ???

If you can't follow all of these (I mean ALL OF THESE), people will call you a wimp and never consider you as a badass.

If somebody can prove me wrong by giving me a RECENTLY POPULAR badass MC who is still a paragon of justice and a solid believer in the Power of Friendship, be my guest.


I have been in an actual argument over this one.

Thank you.

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