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Originally Posted by NK_500 View Post
Your "sarcasm" sounds like Kratos from God of War than an anime character. I dunno if Yuno from Mirai Nikki counts too but lots of people considered her as "awesome" although for Yuno's case, she's a villain protagonist than an anti-heroine.
[joking mode]I AM THE GOD OF WAR!!![/joking mode]

Yeah, I have heard about Jonathan Joestar from before.

I actually thought Touma was awesome. Until people bashed him for what they call "plot armor", which clearly isn't because he loses to physical fighters. If it really was "plot armor", then even said physical fighters shouldn't even touch him.

Originally Posted by Konakaga View Post
Oh Recent, maybe Haruyuki Arita of Accel World, I mean he has some sob backstory, but I wouldn't call it a ridiculously one. Ironical he definitely is a "wimp" in the beginning of the series.
That's exactly why people bash him! They wanted an MC who is strong from the start! And I'm in an argument over this one because I dared compare him to the Jesus of 2010's anime, Kirigaya Kazuto.
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