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Nagisa's outburst was unprofessional, but let's all remember that she's only fifteen or so.

TakaMina seems to have been thrown into the trash heap in terms of the story development. She got her moment in the spotlight during the elections, but she's been pretty much a nonentity this season so far.

In order to succeed, does Mimori need to take on the identity of someone not currently in the main group? Or will she replace one of the current main girls like, *cough*, TakaMina-san?

I, too, am suspicious about whether camera-girl has a back channel to Zodiac. Of course, it might be the chef! Or Mr. Hat, the dance instructor. The only ones I think we can rule out are the successors, Mariko/Tsubasa-san, her nameless assistants, and probably the front-line girls.

Tsubasa in that crown is really rather hilarious.
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