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I made a request in the other thread but I'll make a new one here.

Anime: Venus Versus Virus + Touka Gettan
About: Can both images be black and white? One already is (the VVV one - I only want Sumiere and Lucia in it) but the other isn't. Or if you can have both with half colour and half without? I want it to say Shadow Miko in the bottom right corner and have a blue border. If you wanna add text besides my name then it can say "<3" on it.

EDIT: If someone has time can they make me (a seperate) one with the image below of Sage? She's on the right in the middle. You shouldn't miss her. With the text "Shadow Miko~ Sage's ultimate fan!". You can add som e effects or whaterver to it if you want. But if not I'll try again later. I just really wanted a Sage sig too.

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