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Okay I was watching Ichigo's Bankai training on my DVD when I noticed that Yoruichi was holding a length of cord and it was glowing green. Then when the first day was over she tied it back into her hair.
Now I know there's probably no real explanation for it, but I'm asking on the small chance anyone might know what the deal was. I can only assume it was either A) Part of a kido she was using to mask Ichigo's spirit pressure or B) It was to maintain Zangetsu in some way. But after that first day she never used it again as far as I could see so it makes even less sense.
Is this just something I'm gonna have to not know?
not sure if it was said in the anime
Spoiler for manga:

chapter 127 and 130 are the beginning and end of day 1 if you want to check it out
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