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Originally Posted by spyte View Post
ok so some of the stuf in the new captain filler arcs are true? like when they said that the noble family made bokkoto-like swords for the royal family/royal guards?
Anime-only material is conceived in such a way that it will not affect the main plot, with dispensable characters and finished business. Lurichiyo's family was just one of the many noble families of SS, the bakkouto project is now over and right now it would only be used to expand the gap between anime and manga. All of the stuff you see in the anime is true, but the extent to which they are used defines their importance. For example the 3 mod-souls from the Bount arc have been used in other filler episodes or in normal episodes to extend some scenes. You can't say it didn't happen, but it doesn't really matter enough to make a difference.
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