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Originally Posted by blitz1/2 View Post
Well, I agree with the timeline but I still can't see that the Amakawa family except the head left because of simply a cat warding curse.
huh? no one say Amakawa young family (Yuuto and his Parents) leave the house hold at Noihara only because Cat Curse.

Theres another reason too:

1.Even among Amakawa family member, there's some that didn't agree with Amakawa head decision to add Jinguuji blood into their household. I think Amakawa Young family is one of them.

2.Yuuto parents didn't like demon slayer business, since it's such a nonsense, dangerous, and unpromising business in this modern era

3.To force some immature young family member for a marriage is not something accepted easily in this era, so it's normal for Yuuto parents to leave the household as a form of their protest against it


which ever one it is, it's not just some trivial matter that make them leave.
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