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Originally Posted by surerman View Post
lol at chapter 48,5

Bad Liz masturbate using broad day light at the cafe
she serve a cup of tea to Yuuto with her real body (Antique tea cup from England)

Liz get some sensation she always longing.... and Yuuto still oblivious with what he have done

while in previous chapter, frowning Yuuto being hugged by Himari then proceed to the adult scene....but interrupted by Shuzuku...that strangle Yuuto with her Tongue
"you have cute loli here, yet you want to do that cat before me?"
"khu aah aghck!" (Shuzuku tongue slid in to his mouth so he can't speak)

damn! how I wish I'm in his position now!
she wasnt touching herself... BUT she let Yuuto drink from her REAL BODY. now remember, Himari licked the cup and she reacted in the extra...

its like he unknowingly licked Liz in public and she gets away feeling good.


also, i wonder what the two teachers were talking about, seeing as Sae was posing in a provocative way....

and Shizuku's epic cockblock was WIN.
lets roll
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