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so Himari attempt to have sex with Yuuto fail again because the Cat Allergy.
And Shuzuku offereing to Yuuto to "produce eggs" since he praise the egg rolls Shuzuku made hahahaha

I start to admire Kuesu Pre-cognition ability now.

Kuesu know that some day when they already teenage and their sexual desire start boiling up, Yuuto will attempt to hump Himari (which already powerful enough to have humanoid form) when they together (after the charm power wear off), so she choose Cat Allergy spell to curse Yuuto in their childhood.

The curse will act for two side, if Yuuto the one initiated it, he will cock blocked, and if Himari the one attempted to rape/seduce Yuuto, the curse will pussy block her.
Well done Kuesu...

But there's one thing that I don't understand, why Bakeneko? sure Amakawa head (Gen grandpa) know the danger their familiar pose towards his heir yet he still assign the protection job to the demon and not choose other demon or pending the engagement till Amakawa have female heir and Kuesu have male heir.

Gen know, if one of Amakawa heir, fall to their demon servant's bed, that will end the Amakawa relation to other 11 demon slayer household (have their blood line mixed with demons when a Hanyuu born among them)

hmm.. look like my theory, about Gen approved Kuesu performed Cat Allergy curse to Yuuto, have more proof now.

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