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Wow, this is interesting. More often than not, line-ups change from time to time, depending on the situation. Because you know, as a coach, Subaru should know when is the right time to play good, then play big or small, whichever the situation demands, and come crunch time, get serious.

Now, your starting 5 is kinda balanced, not too big but not too small, and as expected, Mokkan will be the starting PG.

Bench girls are small, which is important should Keishin decide to play small so they could outrun big but slow opponents.

Crunch time, oh dear God. I could only imagine THAT scenario happening. But you know, somebody who can throw long bombs can help win games, especially from behind. As well as offensive plays and defensive stops of the Batman Gambit variety.

Slam Dunk for example, Mitsui's 3-point shooting streak cut down Shoyo's lead to half, which led Shohoku to a come-from-behind victory against them. I can see something like this happening in RKB: Keishin winning from behind a large margin (a primary school GIRLS' b-ball team coming back from ~20 points down would be awesome).
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