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I didn't come up with the positions - it's specifically mentioned in the novel. That's why Tomoka is said to be a Point Forward because she swings between a Shooting Guard and a Small Forward, Tomoka is pretty much akin to Jordon or Magic Johnson in her role in Keishin.

Both Maho and Hinata hasn't had her chance to "level up" yet, but Maho is definitely shaping up to be Berkley-like that she is either going to be a SF or PF, but without dumping Hinata Maho is going to be the PF, it's just a pity that the anime only focused on showing her mid-range shooting eg her match up with Miyu/Chibi Ribbon in the anime only shows her going for the middle shot before she got fouled, but in the novel she was actually on a break away going for a lay up and changed to a single hand throw (thanks to her insistence on practicing the single handed shot instead of the double handed one that Subaru original wanted her to practice along with Saki) which shows both her explosive speed, jumping ability/air time and persistence in attacking.

Hinata's specialty right now is her ability to drive past defenders due to her height and balance sense and her tricky style passing game, she also seems to have the uncanny ability to appear out of nowhere to cut a pass, Subara attributes this to how players are more accustomed to looking up/practicing for bigger players and becomes completely inexperienced when someone goes *really* low and under and that seems to be what would become Hinata's secret weapon in the long run. Hinata's mid/long hit rate is too low to be a SG, and Subaru's coaching style of "enjoy basketball" isn't going to force her to improve in that area either and instead would force on what the girl's attribute/personality fits, so I think Hinata is going to keep developing her skill in driving past her defenders and stealing when her opponent don't notice her there.
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