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@houkoholic You're double-posting, man. But I know it's just your connection that got you. Completely unintentional, I assume.

@Mokkan and Saki: You know, if you got TWO POINT FORWARDS in your team, you can never go wrong, really. One plays while the other is resting.

@Hinata: I love the way she's going to progress. This reminds me of a lot of small but fast players making it big in the real thing: Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, and some others. Though I'm imagining Hinata as Keishin's version of Rondo. Just imagining, though.

@Mimi: Small but no PG material = automatic SG, then Combo Guard when she gets to know how to play with the team.

@Masami: Good point. I didn't know primary school basketball didn't have a 3-point line. In our country though, elementary school basketball has a 3-point line, it's just that nobody takes that risky shot from downtown especially if your body's not yet ready to pull it off.
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