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Wow that was intense. Poor Rika, she's so close to getting all the "good endings" I"m not surprised he got so pissed at Takano and Irie

But Irie gave her the perfect solution. The Yamainu are here only to protect Rika,so all Rika needs to do is provoke Teppei into harming her (knowing the guy it shouldn't be too hard) and the Yamainu would step into action and neutralize Teppei.
They're not gonna kill Teppei while the cops are watching him. At best they'd extract Rika from the situation and take her back to the clinic to be heavily tranquilised. In fact if Rika had successfully used the Yamainu to sanction Teppei, I can see the seeds of paranoia being planted right there. It's a plan that just won't fly even if we weren't rapidly approaching the point where the wild dogs turn. As for Keiichi's plan, essentially this is a political problem and calls for a political solution. What he needs to do is get at oba-sama Sonozaki. Which is, I assume, why the title of the next chapter is "Persuasion".
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