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Finally I know what the Yamainu's presence is there for. Man, that's a load of wondering off my mind. Was I the only one who didn't know what they were there for?

Much love goes out to K1 for his badass performance in the last few episodes. I loved the way he stood up to Shion's escalating haste and homicidal intent. It was excellent and so unexpected.

Overall I felt the episode was one of a quick turn into despair and depression as Teppei came back on scene. It was a slap in the face type of shock. I felt like Rika did when she realized why Satoko didn't come home. Bleh~

Really looking forward to the next episode from watching the preview. I think I'll hibernate for a week so it'll get here faster. Anyone want to join me ?

Spoiler for kingsky123's comment:
:> Suddenly a birdy appears! What do you do?
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