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Originally Posted by z3phyr.mp3 View Post
yeah... i noticed that this was a budget episode too... in some scenes they're just panning the same frame only moving their mouths... i just hope they blew their budget on the next episode and judging from the preview i guess they did...
I was wondering if it was a budget episode... or if quick re-dubbing was done.... seriously i have never heard the audio quite this mix-matched... maybe it is just my copy ... but when she starts telling them about the truth... there are a number of cuts that dont sound right to me... example around 8:55 ... vs 9:04 That's my guess... is they quickly rushsd away and did a few modifications (the op, etc) to make it less harsh and more acceptable... :-( ... etc... I don't know... still feel sad that media can't understand the real meaning and message of certain series.
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