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Originally Posted by golthin View Post
just watched the first episode of the second season and I am happy with it.

The writers are doing a good job keeping the comedy in par with the first season. This is not a retelling but a continuation, as we pick up where the first season left. The animation is different and you can tell these animators know how to draw male body very well, they give our favorite crazy senpai a six pack in the opening.

They give Kana and Chiaki some masculine shoulders while in the onsen and Kana benefits from some boost in the breasts size department this season. Chiaki Hige is not as cute as the one from the previous season, it is kind of too simple. Haruka also got a little upgrade in the chest.
If i were to say,MKO brings a new whole different mood to the series.Some of you may probably used to it already,but still after several times of watching episode 1 of MKO,i still get the feeling "there's something wrong with MKO"...the animators may gave the anime a new brand of look and style,but it seems like it doesn't fit the main theme of the story anymore.

Before when i watch Minami Ke,i knew that it has the same style and theme just like Lucky Star.I feel like thats how a slice of life + comedy + school life anime should be...but with the sudden mood change of MKO,everything feels so weird already.Imagine would you feel if they continue the Lucky Star series,maintaining the same concept,but the animation style follow like Persona/Shigofumi/or Trinity Blood?Would you still think that the story theme and the animation style fit perfectly?Or you would still prefer the original style of Lucky Star?

Remember the summer episode (issit episode 4 or 5) in MK?Compared it with the onsen story of MKO...don't you just feel like the body figures that Kana and Chiaki had in MK is much better/cuter than the one in MKO?

In any case,even with the sudden mood/style change,i will still stick to this series.Probably will get used to it after few episodes.

Originally Posted by golthin View Post
The girls' uncle also benefit from the animators ability to draw males very well, which is not a good thing because even though he is supposed to be a loser, he doesn't look it, he did look like a loser in the first season.
LoL its true.Now the zetsubou ojisan doesn't look like it anymore.

Even Fujioka's bright hair color gave me the feeling of how a banchou should look...

Originally Posted by U<3Anime View Post
As for the ending.......there's really nothing to say, but's plain boring.
When i watch the ED,i got the feeling of renaming the series "Minami Ke ~Okanari~"

I think they make 3 different type of ED for this series,each with Haruka,Chiaki and Kana on it.If its all Kana in every ending,then it would be plainly boring.
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