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To me there's a slight difference in the characters' personalities that are enough for me to feel some sort of disconnect between shows. More than just the animation, some of Haruka's and Chiaki's behavior seemed out of character that I feel as though I'm watching a different show instead of a continuation.

The more electronic music oriented OP & ED themes also don't help. The first series did a great job in setting the comedy tone, from the character designs to the music to the execution of the episode. This one has definitely lost its cuteness. I miss the chibi characters, the facial distortions, and the tear drop mouths.

I do like the Mako-chan and Touma interaction as someone pointed out. Fujioka walking in on Touma with her half undressed and him oblivious was fun. Kana and Fujioka's reaction to seeing each other even more so. There's plenty to like so I'm sticking with the series, but unlike the first one's first episode, this one did not leave a very strong impression where I knew I was compelled to watch more of it.

Yeah, having watched a raw, I don't understand any of the dialogue. Even so, I'm afraid what I watched is something that does not directly adapt Koharu Sakuraba's comedy. I can tell that there are similarities in comedic style between Minami-ke and Today in Class 5-2. This one so far feels very different from either.

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