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I was slightly disappointed with this series. Perhaps my expectations were higher than they should have been.

The character art are good in the manner of the more realistic styles. However sometimes the animation seems to be a bit weird (e.g. Hikaru - yes that's her name, when she's eating her rice cake).

I had expected a better build up of the story (introducing the world setting first, then the tragedy, then the glorius hero - the real Raikou entering, build up the expectations, then have him struck down by the plague. Enter Hikaru who decides to take up her brother's quest). But the way the first episode was done raises more questions without any apparent answers, it confuses and distracts more than trying to grip the audience.

I love the intermissions of water colour art. But I do not like the use of sketched line arts for broad expanses of space in the background. It looks cheap, considering how other parts looked.

The atmosphere of the story in the first episode instead of hinting a heroic tale of a girl somehow seem to suggest a dewy-eye love story instead. I'll take a look further before deciding if I'm among the audience the producers are targeting...

Btw, which is the other anime doing a Minamoto no Raikou remake?
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