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OMG. This is SUCH a cool series, it's absolutely stunning and amazing. I so dearly wish I could see it with English subtitles though, one thing is that it was so hard reading the Chinese subtitles (Rather hard for me to understand), plus .rmvb's quality really does not do justice to this wonderful first ep.

I was so stunned with that sequence where both of them are running through the forest and it's all in black, orange and white. At this point I'm tempted to say it's really, really artistic.

Oh, Production I.G.... I pay homage...

And the BGM is also pretty damn cool. Fits to a T... except the ED song, that felt a bit out of place.

I so so so so so hope someone does at least an english script for this or something, I am definitely following it even if I don't understand chinese subs so well.
Thanks for the fish
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