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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
I can't even tell now if his over sensitive, conscious or just shy out due to the girls epic cuteness that even the god of games can be swayed.
Kanon's cuteness is so epic it can even sway gods - yes, think there's truth in that

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
It would surely be odd. Slowly but surely Kami is being aware of the charm of the 3D girls but I think it's also due to Elsie. Thanks to her dragging kami here and there and becoming acquainted with the cute girls of 3D and him conquering them. His heart that only leans on 2D are surely melting BUT. When he plays a game he forgets everything and return to zero state -_-
Elsie is certainlyhelping him with his progress there. Without her, he'd still be interested in 2D girls only.
I don't think though that he's "resetting" or something when he plays a game, I'd say his warming up to 3D girls is more permanent.
We'll see how he handles the next girl how much he has progressed.
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