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There aren't really that many kick-ass male protagonists within the last two years, as it has become increasingly popular to portray men as weak in anime, so I'm going to ignore that part of your request for suggestions.

1) Yugo the Negotiator. He uses words. He's a negotiator. Yet, he's so badass, you'll still feel like you've just watched an action flick/drama.

2) Cowboy Bebop. I used to think everyone had seen Bebop, but it's old enough now that it's amazing how many newer anime fans have not. Spike pretty much defines laid-back kick-ass.

3) In a similar vein to Bebop: Outlaw Star. Gene Starwind spends 26 episodes kicking the ass of pirates, outlaws, assassins, you get the idea.

4) L/R. Or, aka Licensed by Royalty. Jack and Rowe are basically James Bond types who's job is to protect the royal family of a fictional country called Ishtar.

5) Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen. Kenshin is a bad-ass assassin in the Japanese Revolution. Much of the humor was removed, to keep the story dark.

6) Katanagatari. Was actually done within the last two years. Very wordy, but Shichika is a bad-ass who defeats some of the best warriors of the time using his fists and body. He is subservient to a woman throughout the series though, so may not really fill your hunger for male action empowerment.

7) Cat Shit One. Don't let the name or cute bunnies fool you. These anamorphic special forces soldiers kick ass. Also, was released within the last two years.

8) Blade of the Immortal. Manji is cursed with immortality until he kills 1000 immoral men. He wants to die. Connect the dots. He's also bad-ass.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
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