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Originally Posted by Magin View Post
The latter option... basically, I'm looking for shows which have a guy that doesn't fall into the "pathetic male lead" category; should he encounter an enemy for whichever reason, he doesn't have o rely on a girl to come and save his ass (again, I'm not trying to sound sexist here, despite what it might sound like) (which means I need to rip myself away from harems for a while, probably)
Originally Posted by creb View Post
There aren't really that many kick-ass male protagonists within the last two years, as it has become increasingly popular to portray men as weak in anime, so I'm going to ignore that part of your request for suggestions.

Quite the opposite actually; it's getting harder to find Keitarou(s) and Shinji(s) these days. Every male protagonists from at least three years have 2 or 3 GAR moments minimum.

Then again, Mirai Nikki just came out so you might want to avoid that then...

Originally Posted by Magin View Post

Actually, let me try and give a list (which be warned, is going to be HUGE) of stuff I've seen and liked:
Kaze no Stigma
Heroic Age
Infinite Stratos
Darker than Black (First season; seen second, but second was meh)
Sengoku Basara
Soul Eater
Tears to Tiara
To Aru
11eyes (well, at least the guy could kick ass, even if the show itself was a bit of a failure)
Sacred Blacksmith (same as 11eyes)
Fairy Tail
Kore Wa zombie desu ka
Tales of the Abyss (which also has a slightly meh ending)
Macross F
Gundam 00
I see... It's nothing unreasonable and it doesn't look like you're looking for superman, the easiest and most popular that comes to mind is Ao no Exorcist which just ended last month.
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