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Ao no Exorcist is on my list of to-watch... though I've heard a couple people say that the first episode is rather hard to get through

and no, I don't need anything superman... just a guy who can hold his own in a fight, without his ass needing to be saved. Then again, it seems to me that there's tons of moe these days versus the old GAR, which seems to be lacking recently... it's out there, but there's far less of it these days compared compared to the classics (which I personally blame K-On for, but that's just me...), and I have friends who have the older stuff which I highly enjoy

Just to name some older stuff:
Chrno Crusade (okay, the ending wasn't the best in the world...)
Witch Hunter Robin
Trinity Blood
Rurouni Kenshin
Samurai Champloo
Black Blood Brothers
Tower of Druaga
Zero no Tsukaima

... and that's just the stuff I highly liked
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