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Originally Posted by Silverwyrm View Post
Haze gets hit, takes 10 damage
Crimson Lord gets hit, explodes

Thing is its leaving the impression these bad guys are all weak pushovers while the flame hazes are invincible. I should at least feel like they are a potential threat. The fighting feels hollow to me, the bad guys feel SO pointless when I new fight starts I am already tired of it because I know the outcome. he's gonna blow up after venting hot air. I don't want drawn out pointless fights ala bleach, but I would like this "war" to feel like one.

It just feels like its trying to take all this fighting very seriously, but its so nice to the good guys, it can't.

edit: basically if this war is to be taken seriously, I should at least feel the flame hazes are in danger. They aren't.
I get the feeling that EVERYONE that is not in Yuuji's party raid quest is a cannon fodder. I mean, he could have at least left Sabrac behind. He hasn't been doing anything so far anyway.

Fecor was probably the strongest out of the ones left behind, but he had the terrible misfortune of facing someone with an anti-magic sword. How is a mage supposed to beat someone with magic immunity?
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