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I've gone through periods where I haven't watched anything for a month or so. That isn't to say I wasn't reading manga at the time instead, but I have gone without it for a while. I'll watch American cartoons or movies or TV shows. Usually I'll then start to think about anime and how much I miss it, so then I'll jump right back in.

A reason? Either school and work has gotten me too bogged down to really enjoy and watch things or I just crave something different for a while. Keeping things fresh and all that.

Now, if you were to get more challenging and ask, "What would your life be like completely without anime?" that would be scary. To be honest, I think I would be a completely different person. Anime has taught me life lessons, inspired an interest in art, writing, and Japanese, and right now my room is filled with it. I really can't imagine what my life would be like without anime and sometimes that scares me, but as long as I'm having fun, I don't think it really matters.
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