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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
The GOP supporters believe Obama will destroy the country form the inside, one way or another. Be it by taking away freedoms. Introducing mass socialism to the country (they read it as Commumism, which upsets them since they fought against that from the 1940s to the 1990s directly, and from the 1920s on some levels), and by allowing foreigner to take over the country (Muslims in particular due to current levels of paranoia and the President's past). They seem to feel something is coming and it will break the country. Though they seem certain it won't be their fault...but something else (what was the really old 1800's phrase? ah of course: "The Darkies will cause a ruckus if that one gets a second terms and it won't end 'til the nation is in flames". Sort of "Birth of a Nation" kind of thing).
That is what makes me so sad and angry. They only thought something like that was coming once Obama was the presidential candidate back in 2008. Go back to early 2007 and everything was fine and dandy with them. Go to Q3 of 2008 and they thought 'something was coming that would break the country' once it looked like a black man had a chance at being president. He got elected, and they've been freaking out ever since. The tea party started before Obama ever started serving in office. Did it start before he was even elected? Were they starting to form it before the election day in November of 2008; in case he was elected?

They are afraid of something breaking the country, but it is the GOP and the GOP supporters that would lead to that if that is to happen in the not-too-distant future. Bush administration screws up the country and the GOP messes around with the country's well being in an attempt to make Obama a one term president and all they can do is point the finger at Obama and liberals and blame, blame, blame! "Though they seem certain it won't be their fault...", you say. That is the thing that is so maddening, if this country goes into a train wreck crash in the not-too-distant future, it'll be mostly their fault (and of course, that of the GOP itself)!
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