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Originally Posted by Ulquiorra View Post
Nah, they'll do something. Kishi said as much when he gave that preview. I am talking about the Konoha 12. Not the fodder army. Fanservice is coming their way.

Naruto is going to get beat by Madara and will need to be saved. Remember the power of friendship garbage Itachi told him...and then he ignored? It will come back in this fight and Obito/Madara will learn valuable life lessons about the Will of Fire. Then Obito will have a HeelFace turn.

Friendship/love/heart always defeats the bad guys.

And Kishimoto really gave the manga's haters something to have fun with in that giant black panel. "I don't care anymore about it." Breaking the fourth wall?
You left out the rainbows and ponies .... somehow i can't deny anything you've said though.
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