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So, according to this chapter, it was just Obito that fought the 4th and not him wearing the Zetsu suit (like he was when he appeared before Nagato, for whatever reason)...that still doesn't answer the arm falling off question. When he fought the 4th, his left arm turned to goo and fell off, but we know only Obito's right side had Zetsu cells implanted in it--so how'd that arm turn to goo in that fight?

I'm hoping it goes back into flashbacks a little later, to fill in more things, like why Kakashi had to kill Rin/did it by accident or whatever (This is an inevitable flashback on Kakashi's part imo).

But on the other side of flsahbacks, this just means that Kishi used the long-haired masked man just as an excuse to fool the reader with no real reason at all in story. Weak. Just like the lies against Konan. Guess that makes Obito the first manga character to groom his hair without any dramatic change/character development/realization to drive it.

We also need to see why he was so goofy and needed to ask his way into his own organization. Eh, won't get my hopes up. This'll end up like the Akatsuki rings, which never really meant anything and I guess should be forgotten
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