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I got this kind of crazy idea.......what if makishima isnt the kind of man he seems to be.. i read post above and in the other forum he kind of complements the whole Sibyl System.

The idea of the system and the Psycho Pass is that those who have the desire to commit crimes, will commit crimes. He makes this assumption into a reality. I have to wonder if he may actually be working for the system, to justify the system’s continued existence.

if so then makishima is working for the higher up and thus explained why its so hard to capture him, the source of his material and money and the most important dominator detector..

if its true, its still a question if he is still working with the higher up or if he is already gone roque, unchecked..while if checked he supposed to increase people support of sybil, if unchecked people wont trust sybil anymore (with, or without sybil those criminal still rampant cannot be controlled) furthermore he could destroy the society itself by making all those people slave to their "suppressed desire"
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