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Originally Posted by whitecloud View Post
I got this kind of crazy idea.......what if makishima isnt the kind of man he seems to the other forum i read he kind of complements the whole Sibyl System.

The idea of the system and the Psycho Pass is that those who have the desire to commit crimes, will commit crimes. He makes this assumption into a reality. I have to wonder if he may actually be working for the system, to justify the system’s continued existence.

if so then makishima is working for the higher up and thus explained why its so hard to capture him, the source of his material and money and the most important dominator detector..
It's possible, though a bit soon to tell if that's the case. More like a topic for the Speculation & Theories thread. I suppose you're thinking along the lines of Matrix: Revolutions, which introduced the idea of a deliberately programmed bug to keep the system in balance?
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