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I'll refrain from posting my own list of TheFluff's greatest hits posts, but I've always thought anyone getting worked up at one of his posts was taking themselves too seriously (i.e. forum posts are srs bznz and all that) .

As for rep, when I found out what those green bars were all about I disabled my rep indicator, as I had no interest in trying to show off a virtual "poster-quality" indicator. I wanted people to judge me on the content of every post I made, and not give me a pass because of the green-bars. However, the side-effect of turning it off was to then discourage anyone from anonymously commenting on said posts, so it was kind of a double-edged sword. So in the end I switched it back on to see what sort of comments I'd get.

I guess it'll be interesting to see if people are still willing to comment on each-others posts through private/visitor messages, or if was just the virtual gold people were chasing after .
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