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Originally Posted by Dr. Casey View Post
Neat, I might be starting to unlock relentless' tsundere side.

Interesting fact about reputation: once upon a time, reputation didn't adhere to any kind of formula at all. Members were given a random Reputation Power Level at registration, and the number of points that one could give or take away never changed. One day, though, a newbie joined with so much power that he could take away 1,000 points with but a single neg rep. Though he registered with the best of intentions, wished to do nothing more than discuss his favorite anime with fellow fans, the power rush went to his head and drove him to madness. He journeyed through the lands of AnimeSuki, claiming 1,000 Reputation points from every poster he came across. AnimeSuki descended into chaos, a hellish landscape of terror and strife. Four Heroes of Light by the names of Solace, relentlessflame, Triple_R, and Mentar were brave enough to stand up to the villain, and barely defeated him in a harrowing battle to the death, but the once innocent world of AnimeSuki was changed forever. The amount of reputation power one could possess was restricted, and the system was changed so that one could only hand out so many reps per 24 hour period, thus ensuring that such a tragedy could never take place again. Peace was restored to AnimeSuki... but the scars etched upon the hearts of those who survived that great battle shall remain forevermore.

And thus concludes today's lesson of AnimeSuki's troubled history.
Our costumes, gentlemen...

Given who Solace has had for an avatar as far as I can remember, I think it's fitting that he gets to be the main pink-haired Peter Pan-esque hero here.

Given who I often have as an avatar, and given my love of capes, I'll take blue.

Mentar would fit well as the golden-haired musketeer with kickass theme music, I believe.

And Relentless, you can choose between the two remaining humans here.

Being the storyteller, Dr. Casey is clearly the magical catgirl.

This is the story of the defeat of Warlock Night, an awful and powerful villain that assailed Anime Suki, and required no fewer than five attempts for us to defeat him!

Sorry, but Dr. Casey's little write-up was just too good for me to not add on to it, lol.
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