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Originally Posted by BladeEntity View Post
Juha Bach officially Tsundere for Ichigo was the main point of this.
seriously... i already regret delving into it this deeply, but his motivation makes so little sense, i can't help it. he said that if ichigo became a shinigami he'd have to kill him, yet everything zangetsu did prior to this arc was either helping ichigo be a shinigami or helping the other shinigami by powering ichigo up for their cause. the only conflict zangetsu ever had was strictly personal about ichigo's recognition of him first as an entity with a name and then as him himself. it's true that that was tensa zangetsu, but like Langus asked, what or who the hell is tensa zangetsu? if he's not bach, then where was bach at that time? and if it is a combo of bach and ichigo then he lied again at that time. unless a character lies for a reason specific to that story arc, it's ultra lame to say they lied about something (like their identity of all things) just to retcon some stupid side story with the final villain... i would actually give kubo credit for giving a reason as to why zangetsu looked like that, seeing as how hichigo looks like ichigo and that's really zangetsu. BUT none of the other shinigami have zanpakutou that look like them... they all look like new characters. so are those all quincy as well? i doubt it, but it eliminates the bach reveal explaining zangetsu's appearance. and since it's a retcon, zangetsu's appearance could have been explained to be anything... ok done it's too stupid lol
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