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An excellent second episode, this season is really hitting it out of the park so far for me. It also fleshing out the world of PP in a lot of interesting ways as well, which I really apreciate.

Our new Inspector duo are great characters. I literally burst out laughing at the look on Mika and the old guy's face when they hung up on her.

Originally Posted by Haak View Post
They should've really expanded on the science and that was one thing that I miss from Psycho-Pass Season 1 - there would often be long discussions about psychology and criminology and they were always fascinating.
It wasn't criminal psychology, but we did get some interesting discussion though. I should actually show that bit where they explained the housing crisis to my economist friend, it seems like he'd like it.

As amusing as it is seeing Mika as a Tsundere Pez addict, it's also hard taking her seriously now.
Really? I'm taking her way more seriously now that she seems like a fully fleshed out person, rather than a walking ball of spite against Akane.

Also Episode 2 was kinda bizarre in that it ended the first arc and established the new one mid episode. It clearly wasn't intended to be a double episode.
Well, the episodes are twice as long as normal. On this note, I really hope more anime follow this method in the future.

You'd have to watch the third Sinners of the System film to understand that bit. You can skip the first two if you want because they haven't shown to be that necessary in understanding this season (yet).
I think SS1 should be watched to get an idea of where Gino and Mika's characters are at right now.

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I love it when Kogami walk pass Miki while she ranting, it goes to show she got no respect from anyone.
I like to believe Kogami was just giving Gino and Mika some space. He understands the bond between Inspector and Enforcer, after all.

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