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Eh i'm gonna disagree on World's End because I thought for the direction of the second half of the season the song didn't fit as well as flows first song for the series Colors, plus I felt colors had a catchy and really awesome chorus. If you look at ops, they usually tell you how an anime will progress, this is quite prevalent in a show like FMA, where we can actually piece together information about the show just from watching the ops. I feel that having a great op to match the story is one of the best ways to make an anime memorable.

The mecha portion in S1 was amazing, specifically it was different from gundam, no flying bullshit, the interplay between the mechs was more tacital, where as flying mecha are great and all but the designs of s2 really mirrored those of the Gundam universe. Other than non unique mech designs in r2, from a technical stand point r2 was awesome

The main problem I had with the story was that r2 lacks a lot of rewatchablitliy, this is because those once shocking plot twists are really not that shocking on a second watch through. Good story telling isn't created by plot twist after another, I just felt that R2 got into this notion that the only way to progress plot was to make a plot twist which isn't the best sense in writing. Some parts were great but the whole mechanism of development could have been worked out better.

Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the series, especially the high production values, character designs, and overall story was satisfying, its just that I judge how good an anime on its rewatch value too, so in r1 i've rewatched that many a times but with r2 I just don't feel the need to revisit every episode, though I have watched a couple of the episodes again r2 compared to r1 just lacks a little something.
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