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Thanks for the summaries Flere and the ending felt like you were at the end of your seat. Looks like Jirou has his work cut out for him considering that he's taking up Subaru's old day job, and trying to find a way to keep Kanade happy.

I'm interested to know how Jirou plans to pull this off but we're going to have to wait awhile to find out how. The wait as always I know will definitely be worth the results, but hey, the author I'm sure right now has a lot to think about right now on where the characters are heading, and how Jirou will puts things to a conclusion.

I'm still sad that Rabbit-chan lost, but at least she can be family/friends with Jirou, so as a huge Usami fan I can live with that.
Once again thanks Flere, you rock and I look forward to vol 12.
I weep with you brother
Anyways thnx for the summary Flere, wonder how the author wants to end this one
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