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Originally Posted by Tak View Post
Char: I survived 3 wars, led a major rebellion, fought against some of the best this world had to offer only to be reincarnated and die catching a magical 9mm. If I knew that awaited me in my future, I should have retired.

I feel you Char, I really do.

- Tak
Fact is, antagonists are always being bribed by the director to do this.
Char is one of them... and...

*Looks to the sides*
OK, it may not be so wise to talk about it.

I believe it was Brer-- I mean Kira manipulating space-time using his godlike powers, shifting the YF-2-- er, I mean Durandal into the exact position to be shot via fold quar-- er, I mean absurd scientific terms that you may never understand, and made the 9mm hit.

Kira Targeting System--one of the greatest along the line of Kira-manufactured products used by Gundam Protagonists, including the Godmode, Steroids, PlotArmor, so on, so forth.

*Guiltily enjoying the references to Macros--BLEEP*
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