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After watching episode 16 and 17 again:
  • For one moment I though that (1) one ALO day is faster than a day or (2) ALO has different time zone with the place where Kirito lives.
  • Kirito log in to ALO at 14:30, but it was night already in the game.
  • He spent about 1 or 2 game hours, from meeting Lyfa until they came to the cafe in that Sylph territory.
  • It's already morning in the game when Lyfa is about to log out.
  • But it seems that it's still afternoon when Suguha in her room.
  • I though that was a white bear in Suguha bed in the ED, but from the scene in the episode it seems that the doll is brown (is it a bear? OK, I wish I could be that doll )
  • This episode somehow reminds me of Lizbeth.
  • If I were Kirito, I will try to find Kayaba, dead or alive, steal his NerveGear, and create new character in ALO using Heathcliff as username. If I were lucky, maybe I could get an GM access in the game.
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