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Seriously? They're stopping there?! Bloody... sonuva... GAH!

Poor Chieri. That message from her father was... creepy. Damned smarmy bastard.

I agree that she likely withdrew from the elections. I was afraid she was going to quit 0048 altogether, but fortunately it appears she hasn't gone that far yet.

Still, I can help to think she's running away. There should be a better way to deal with this shit without dooming her career. I think she's letting her feelings of inadequacy get to her. I mean, even if her father got involved, her popularity was still hers and it was real. She shouldn't run away from that even if she feels she doesn't deserve it.
What would you have her do, bomb Zodiac headquarters? He wants her to keep doing the very things AKB does: appear on camera, appear in public, be an idol. Right now the only thing Chieri has control over that she can use to thwart him is herself, and the only way to thwart him is to not do the things that AKB does.

Well, almost the only thing. Assuming she didn't do so when she went to see Tsubasa in this episode, what she also can do is alert Tsubasa that her father wants her to be an idol, wants her to become more radiant, thus alerting the people in authority that Zodiac is Up To Something™ in regards to the kirara effect.

I was really glad to hear Kibou ni Tsuite in place of the ED. It's such an awesome piece of music.
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