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What would you have her do, bomb Zodiac headquarters? He wants her to keep doing the very things AKB does: appear on camera, appear in public, be an idol. Right now the only thing Chieri has control over that she can use to thwart him is herself, and the only way to thwart him is to not do the things that AKB does.
If an idol isn't popular, there's no idol. If Chieri really dropped out from the election, can you imagine the reaction from all her fans how spent a lot of money on CDs to vote for her? They won't be happy at all. And it's not only the money, there's a lot of emotional investment going on here (for the fans, it's their dream to see their favorite idol achieve her dreams). If Chieri loses her fans' support, then that's it for her career.

That's why withdrawing from the election is such a risky move. She's effectively putting her career, her dream, on the line.

Originally Posted by Random Wanderer View Post
Well, almost the only thing. Assuming she didn't do so when she went to see Tsubasa in this episode, what she also can do is alert Tsubasa that her father wants her to be an idol, wants her to become more radiant, thus alerting the people in authority that Zodiac is Up To Something™ in regards to the kirara effect.
She should do this, and she probably did. But she shouldn't drop out from the election, though she probably did this too. I can only hope Tsubasa convinced her not to somehow.
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