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Well, almost the only thing. Assuming she didn't do so when she went to see Tsubasa in this episode, what she also can do is alert Tsubasa that her father wants her to be an idol, wants her to become more radiant, thus alerting the people in authority that Zodiac is Up To Something™ in regards to the kirara effect.
While that may help AKB00 I don't think it can do much. The best she could do to stop Zodiac plans is to stop the girls from becoming radiant, which would mean basically stopping idol activities. That isn't really an option. If AKB was powerful enough to do something to affect Zodiac plans, a company that big, that is likely strongly related with the government, then they could have been already on the level on taking the government down itself.

Well on another subject, I don't remember if it this was posted here before:

A few shots on episode 4 where you can actually see the other portraits besides the ones they zoom in. And funny enough they're basically clones of the girls we know with different hair style and the like.
Also with those shots plus the following:

It does seems to be, from "left to right" 6+3+6+2+1+4+4=26 past centers portraits.
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