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Originally Posted by asaqe View Post
Spoiler for Episode 16 reactions:
Those aren't episode 16 reactions. Those are fanfiction. And they're meaningless to anyone who hasn't read the rest of your fanfiction.

If an idol isn't popular, there's no idol. If Chieri really dropped out from the election, can you imagine the reaction from all her fans how spent a lot of money on CDs to vote for her? They won't be happy at all. And it's not only the money, there's a lot of emotional investment going on here (for the fans, it's their dream to see their favorite idol achieve her dreams). If Chieri loses her fans' support, then that's it for her career.
And she's willing to do that, if that's what it takes to keep her father from hurting the people around her by coming after her. Don't think she hasn't reasoned that out for herself. She knows what she's risking, but even if it costs her her dreams she'll still do it because she considers this more important.
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