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I'm still not certain of the difference between something super-niche like Neptunia and a "Galapagos RPG".

More info:
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Fairy Fencer F’s story is about a goddess and an evil god and when the game begins royal principles have been twisted for evil. The battle system is an evolved version of Neptunia’s battle system. Characters can do mid-air combos and team attacks that can knock an enemy off their stance.
It looks the exact same, except with a different setting... I'd hope that they've been able to fix some of the problems with the Neptunia series if nothing else (like having more than six dungeons, or having real, honest-to-goodness towns!) but given that this has probably only been in development for a few months and is supposed to be out this year I wouldn't hope for much.
Basically, if you're looking for a classic, old-school RPG, you should be as far away from here as possible. Go get Bravely Default or something.

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