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Originally Posted by NinjaYali View Post

Though I reckon Romero would headdesk at the thought of the zombie genre being turned into gratuitous sexploitation. But then again, US has had it's fair share of this WTFery as well...
'lesbian vampire killers'
'zombie strippers'
Forget about them.

If you want to watch an american comzom done well, look for "Dance of the Dead", not the one from Masters of Horror, the 2008 one by Gregg Bishop. I firstly d/led it by accident thinking I had d/led the Masters of Horror episode. Then I sat through it, thinking to myself, "oh god, prom day + the archetypes of american students from generic sitcoms + zombies! This is going to be a trainwreck!"

Instead, I found a rather enjoyable independant movie without any further pretentions than showing stereotypical nerds ending up to "save the day", well, what it could be saved. Also, a band stopping zombies with The Power of Rock is a more awesome concept than it sounds.
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