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Being indecisive in itself does not make a character bad-- a trait alone doesn't do that. It can be used to bring about character development. It's also unreasonable to expect the guy to make a decision so fast for no real reason. It also allows people to understand the character; I mean with all the trauma that tends to happen in shows with world shattering events, it may even be stupid to be considering romance.

The main problem I can see with it, is when a show insists on Status Quo is God Meaning, any kind of progress is useless because nothing will ever come out of it. Any realizations made from it simply don't matter, as it would get reset. This is often found in many a harem show.

At worst, it can make the guy seem like a huge jackass and inconsiderate. Makoto from School Days is the king here though that is indeed a exaggeration.

For an example of a character that handles it much better is probaly Yuji from Shakugan no Shana who is a good display of everything that is good and bad about indecisive characters. He gets a lot of flak for whatever reason, but all that is a part of his soul searching, given his situation is mostly reasonable and helps establish his character. However, because Status Quo is God it eventually can get redundant and causes pointless melodrama regarding issues that seemed to have been resolved. On the other hand, like I said before, there are significantly more pressing is for that reason I can like him still despite his thickheadedness in that area. It's not always about romance, after all.
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