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Originally Posted by roriconfan View Post
Indecisive gets to ridiculous levels and that is why most hate the archetype. For example, when in harems a boy gets in really naughty situations and all he does is standing frozen or faints. Why is he being so indecisive? Because he is inexperienced is a good reason. But how many times is he excused to be like that before it gets ridiculous? That is when the Status Quo is God comes to show its ugly face. I can accept it up to 5 or 6 times, which in harem time is like 3 episodes. After that it is just lame. I understand why it can never get too bold because it will lose the age advisory. That still does not make it better. A true character would mature turning a kodomo series to hentai level in 15 in-series years. It is normal this way.

Then again it is fiction and it is supposed to be like that. Well, I don't like this sort of fiction as it fails to help me identify with the problems of the characters.

Romances for once are a bit more excused to slow down the progress. Emotions take more time that hormones to kick in properly.
I think you are mistaking being immature in compromising situations with being seriously indecisive. Those ridiculous situations are used mostly for comedy effect and should not be taken seriously. Such gags are not meant to be the driving force of the story. By the way, I hate those situations too. Once or twice is OK for some comedy - but a lot of shows feature them in every episode (Love Hina anyone?).

In any case - I think that being "innocent" and immature in those situations is what saves the show from turning into a hentai or into a blood and gore fest. Makoto from School days is the perfect example - you know how that turned out.
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