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I think he probably means in romance related stories.
Ironic really because Tsukune Aono *points to Hayashi's signature* could very much be said to be an indecisive character, especially the anime version, however unlike a lot of the points that are being made, his motivation seems to be not hurting the rest of his friends and breaking up the group, as its pretty clear who he's chosen (which he also makes rather clear at a few points), rather than apathecism or simply wanting to play the field.

So in a sense, I personally don't hate indecisive characters, its a pretty realistic situation\reaction (if you've ever had two girls you like a bit go for you at once, its not at an easy choice, or a fun situation, especially if you are and want to stay friends with both! Stuff like that CAN take time to work through), what I hate is if the indecision goes on for too long, or ends up in a constant 'will he, wont he' situation, I do like some resolution.
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