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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
In the first place he never confirmed that the Knox rules applied to Beato's games.

EP8 blatantly shoves on our face how it isn't necessary for a mystery to follow all those rules to be considered a good mystery.

Ryuukishi even goes as far as to making Dlanor and Will to admit they are old styled. And there's a little chat during the party where it was pointed out how many famous mystery classic do not follow all those rules.

Why he brought up all those rules in the first place then? Why he even made Dlanor and Will state them in red then?

The hell I know... but it seems he enjoys making the readers believe in something only to crush that belief later.
Problem being that he doesn't realize that the mysteries that break rules and are still masterpieces are the exception, not the rule.

It's like the old writing-is-like-driving analogy. When you are just starting out, you need to follow the rules to the letter. After you become good at it you can start to bend them a bit. Ryu went straight for the bending despite never having attempted to drive before, so he crashed his car.

Also if he thinks EP8 is a good mystery, then 'lol Ryu.'

That wasn't a mystery, that was a stupid loophole using ambiguity regarding the number of culprits(no accomplices...REALLY? REALLY?) and the purple text transformed it into a stupid puzzle.

...Okay I'm going to stop here before I rant about the genre again.
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