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Darky has been posting pictures from NewType ACE and the Macross FF manga. I was hoping for a collected volume release, since the magazine's shipping is hell and I'm already a couple of chapters late.
Anyway, I was browsing my favourite Japanese bookstore yesterday and stumble onto a pre-order! I don't know if more volumes will come out since the listing just says Macross FF, no numbers, but I pre-ordered it on the spot. Maybe this has been announced elsewhere but I don't remember seeing it here, so in case anyone else wants to get it, it's slated for March. The artist is Megane Kikuya, same person who did the Nyan Dra manga which I just got and the one who did the Alto+Sheryl reunion drawing for the Sheryl Visual Collection Final. I would recommend it for the art alone, because it's really good, I'll post a few pictures of Klan from Nyan Dra if anyone is interested.

I also got my Kiss in the Galaxy volume 4, only finished reading two chapters and skimmed through the rest. My Japanese is still lacking, so I'm willing to post a summary, but only if others correct whatever I might have misunderstood.

I wanted to scan the fold out posters too, but that would most likely ruin the book... sorry guys.
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