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I posted this on tumblr the other day too, tried to correct my spelling errors now. Kiss in the Galaxy volume 4 summary:

Spoiler for For length:

Like I said, my Japanese is so-so, so please correct any mistakes I may have made.

I also posted these pictures on tumblr a few months ago when I found my one issue of Macross ACE and realized I had a Nyan Dra chapter in it... I only took a few photos then, not uploading the 'nudes' here, just some Alto-hime and Klan-love. Sorry for the terrible photo quality, naturally it's not the entire chapter, just a few scenes I liked. I'm glad I have this chapter in MA as well, I tried taking pictures from the other chapter of the collected volume... it didn't work.

Spoiler for pictures:

@magnus: there are no raws for the volume for some reason, those are where the rest of the pictures from the other volumes came from.

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